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How WellnessTherapy Changed my life

In 2012 I held the position of operations manager at a global company. I held a degree in financial management, and a master’s degree in business plus I was a professional project manager. I lived in sunny South Africa, and the only constraints on my career were affirmative employment, broad-based black employment empowerment, the mining charter that forced mines to go “black” and constant retrenchments. I knew that it was only a matter of time before my snow-white skin will end up in the firing line, and I had to do something. I had to find a field that is not targeted by the black government of South Africa. That was the birth of WellnessTherapy.

I started attending classes in pastoral counselling, hypnotherapy, reflexology and therapeutic messaging. This changed my life in so many ways. One way was that the empty nights and gruelling weekends for me as a divorcee changed into study times and attending classes. I learned so much and made many new friends.

In 2016 just as I completed all the studies, passed the theoretical and practical exams, I too came into the firing lines. I was retrenched, and I had to solely rely on the income from practising counselling, hypnotherapy, reflexology and therapeutic messaging. At first, I had tremendous resistance within the hypocritical conservative community where I live. Some accused me of doing the devil’s work.

That surely was a challenging time – not only did I lose my job, but my steady stream of income was gone. But I belief that in God, there is life and life in abundance.

So I immediately started helping people suffering tinnitus, emotional distress, stress & anxiety, compulsive behaviours, unwanted habits, seeking performance enhancement, people wanting to quit smoking, stop stuttering, stop biting nails, improve self-esteem & confidence, improve school grades, improve sports performance, combat eating disorders, get rid of phobias, manage skin issues, menopausal hot flushes, irregular menstruations, headaches & migraines, and many other through a client-centred approach.

For me, there is no greater reward than the sight of a shining smile, after a waterfall of tears, and knowing that I was in part responsible for the transition – Andrew Post.

WellnessTherapy applies individual sessions as well as group approaches for steering clients towards a shining smile.

Individual and group sessions are focus on but not limited to:

At WellnessTherapy, we love to drain away the waterfall of tears and then to decorate a face with a shining smile. At WellnessTherapy, work ethics is vital, and sharing experiences are encouraged.

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